Learning to Learn
A zest for knowledge and an enquiring mind are great attributes for a purposeful adult life. The ethos of the40’s schoolroom is to encourage boys to stretch the boundaries of their individual ability. A strong emphasis is placed to stimulate independent thinking and to explore individual talents.
The boys attend the local school where they follow the Bangladesh Board approved curriculum. To enhance their academic careers, the boys are encouraged to organise themselves and to develop self-discipline in meeting school deadlines. Under the watchful eye of the House Matron and with the guidance of personal tutors, each boy develops the learning habits which will be the foundation of their academic careers. For the younger boys, learning is taught through games and activities. For the older boys, the focus is on enhancing their English language, math and science aptitude. One of the virtues of being part of an intimate learning environment is the personal attention they receive from their tutors to enhance their schooling.
Academic study is important and we expect all our boys to achieve high standards, but our view of education celebrates the creative, physical and spiritual as much as the intellectual.
To encourage the boys development, we wanted them to gain exposure and to interact with people outside of Comilla. Therefore, we introduced the Online Classroom. Online Classroom allows a teacher based in Dhaka to teach and interact with all the students at the Academy. The curriculum is based on enhancing engagement and general knowledge. Through this pilot project we have been able to oversee the boys overall development. This relationship presents further opportunities to explore and develop particular academic and cultural themes and is often a great source of intellectual stimulation.
After the success of the Online School, we introduced the Online Art Class. Through this platform we have been able expand and enhance the creativity of each child. Our Art teacher demonstrates techniques and interacts with the boys to explore ideas and thoughts to broaden their horizons and spark their imaginations.
The aim of our teaching and our expectation goes some way beyond public examination courses. Our intent is to give the boys a well rounded education with the resources upon which to draw inspiration and ignite aspirations.
We would like to give special thanks to KhondokerMohiuddin, Asgar Dada, Iffat Karim, ZareenHossain, SakinaMiraly and Leah Sharma for their generous support for the establishment of the Online Classroom.