Message from Secretary General

The Noor E Farid Nasrine Academy was a project I inherited from my late mother, Nasrine Karim. We took 20 under privileged boys aged two years old and have pledged to look after them till they graduate from University. The Academy undertakes the responsibility to house, feed and educate the boys while providing them with the emotional support and guidance they will need as they transgress from boyhood to becoming men that will contribute to society.

Going forward, the focus of the academy will be to develop the educational and learning platform for the boys to help them broaden their horizons. We plan to introduce the boys to computers, the world-wide web in due course. The academy will slowly start building their level of exposure to the rest of the world and general knowledge. We have built a nice facility with a playground, cricket and football pitch and a basketball court. The academy has regular sports coaching the boys are in good health and good at sports. The academy will remain focused on sports, nutrition and health ensuring good physical development of the boys.

It is my hope to now increase efforts to generate more awareness and support for the academy and start engaging more people that can add value to help develop the boys in to well-rounded individuals. We plan to introduce field trips, visits to the academy by teachers, artists and musicians. To achieve all of the aforementioned, we will need to raise funds through donations and product sponsorship, which will require us to be more focused on marketing the academy and the good work we are trying to do here. Our single biggest challenge will be to raise enough funds to build a second building that will house another twenty children taking us to our target of housing forty children. Again, we will take in two year olds who will be mentored by their older brothers. Our mission is a bold one, but we hope we will get the support we need from friends, family and Donors so that we can achieve all that we are setting out to do.


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