History & Background

In Memorium

NasrineRasheed Karim

Founder of Noor e FaridNasrine Academy

1948 – 2010

The Noor E FaridNasrine academy is the birthplace of founder, Nasrine R Karim. The house belonged to her maternal grandmother and is a place she always considered home. She also chose the family graveyard outside the academy as her eternal resting place.

We Hope to honor and uphold her vision for the Noor E FaridNasrine Academy.


Nur e Farid Academy was a personal initiative of NasrineRasheed Karim. She strongly believed that children are the future and wanted to empower young children with a happy home so that they may have a fair chance at succeeding in life. Her zeal to give back to her community led her to establish Nur e Farid Academy at her ancestral home with the help and support of friends, Salim Ismail and Saker Maloo.

The mission of Noor e Farid Academy is to raise and nurture these young boys into successful, contributing members of society. We believe that children are our future and that all children have a right to happy home and equal opportunities in childhood so that they have the tools to realize their personal dreams and ambitions.

NasrineRasheed Karim passed away in 2010 but her work and her vision for the Noor e Farid Academy lives on.


The purpose of the academy is to help the children grow up in a caring environment which helps them develop strong ethics and sense of character. Everyone in the academy receives special education through which they can eventually hope to serve various important roles in our society. They are taught to compete with each other in a healthy manner which, in the long run, can help their communities move forward. The special education they receive ensures that these children will not be left behind in any way, compared to the children who receive education in regular schools and eventually grow up to become the main players and leaders of our country. The academy aims to establish its students in dignified positions across our society when they grow up, which helps them inspire and give hope to others who come from poor, deprived communities of our country. The Executive Board of the institution does its best to assist the children whenever required, and they carry out this responsibility until the children grow up. What started with just 20 children, will include many more over the course of time. Our quest to provide a better life for them will hopefully give rise to future role-models who make our nation proud!


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