Late Nasrine Karim believed that children are the future and wanted to create equal opportunity for underprivileged children to live in a healthy and safe environment and have a fair chance to succeed in life. The Noor E FaridNasrine Academy, based in Comilla took in 20 underprivileged boys, mostly orphans, aged between 2 and 4 and pledged a commitment to house, educate and feed them until they graduate from university and join society and individuals that can lead and contribute. The project is registered with the NGO Bureau of Bangladesh and has been operated successfully now for five years. The boys are now between the ages of 7 and 9.


One can imagine funding this initiative requires the support and generosity of many kind individuals and conscious institutions. We require donors for both one-off donations and also donations made on a regular basis based on yearly requirements for the children. The items we require yearly are:

SL Product Quantity
1. Aerosol 6pcs
2. Odonil 12pcs
3. Mosquito coil 20pkts
4. Oil 8 bottles
5. Tooth paste 20 pcs
6. Tooth brush 60 pcs
7. Bath soap 100 pcs
8. Shampoo 20 bottles
9. Lotion 20 bottles
10. Powder 10 bottles
11. Tissue 20
12. Blue (Nil) 12pkts
13. Body Spray 10
14. Toilet paper 50 rolls
15. Harpic 12 bottles
16. Trix 12 bottles
17. Savlon 15 bottles
18. Fenail 4 pcs
19. Bleaching powder 4 kg
20. Vim 12 pckts
21. Vim Bar 20 bars
22. Brush for Kitchen 12 pcs
23. Broom for Cleaning 4 pcs
24. Cleaning soap 40pcs
25. Wheel powder 20kg


Helping these boys secure their future will result in them being responsible members of the society, contributing considerably to our country’s growth and poverty alleviation.Our initiative in Comilla is both credible and uniquely bold in its objectives, where the children will be allowed to develop themselves in their own unique skill sets with full support of the academy and all its facilities.